Inflation is an insidious solution of the oligarchy to push the citizen to draw from his savings instead of taxing him and avoiding any social risk. The goal is, of course, to pay off a world debt (300% of the world GDP!) voluntarily produced by the alliance between corrupt politicians and the financial markets, anxious to keep their power and monopolies. I remind you that the debt allows to transform an energy, produced ex-nihilo, into work. This work is transformed into value, this value into money and this money is in the hands of those, not elected, who produce the debt thanks to their power of monetary creation. This planetary swindle must be stopped as soon as possible because it is the reason for all our ills, whatever they may be. 😤

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Olivier Cordoleani Aka .//.

YTY Founder - Amalea® smArt print & PlayEarn® smart card Inventor - Video Game Pioneer (1986-2001) - Blockchain Video Game Advisor