The Internet, via the Web protocol, first absorbed paper media, audio-visual (1990–2000) then marketing, commerce, telecommunications (2000–2010). IOT protocols have extended the network to a larger number of terminals (smartphone, speaker, car etc..) (2010–2020). Now the blockchain protocol adds the absorption of financial services and more broadly the management of value and ownership (2020–2030).

The video game industry is 10 years behind other content. In 2022, the video game industry within the Internet is at the stage of music in 2010 with the arrival of the platforms. This is quite normal because the game is the most complex digital content to distribute.

I consider that it is the absorption of the video game by the Internet that will require a profound modification of the current form of the Web to obtain what is called today the METAVERS . Indeed, the game is a complete digital art that will require the previous protocols to be enriched with new layers with the best of what is technically done, starting with the spatialization of interfaces, the gamification of the user experience, the decentralization of economic models and a governance assisted by AI . We need to move from the Web Browser to the Meta Browser before talking about the Metavers and associated services …



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Olivier Cordoleani Aka .//.

YTY Founder - Amalea® smArt print & PlayEarn® smart card Inventor - Video Game Pioneer (1986-2001) - Blockchain Video Game Advisor